Below are some examples of really popular sessions that I regularly run with my clients. All of these can be adapted to suit the particular needs of you or your group. Based on how much time you have, how large your group is, and what you want to achieve, we can create a bespoke session to fit your needs - all sessions can be purchased as gifts too! Just get in touch and let me know what you are looking for and I will be delighted to help any way that I can.



Do you ever look at your makeup bag and wonder whether you are really using the contents to their full potential? Maybe you brought that wonderful new miracle product, but can't quite apply it the way they do on TV? Let me use my years of expertise to guide you through your kit, teaching you the tricks and techniques you need to get the most out of your products. Depending on how the session goes, I may recommend some new products to compliment/ replace what you already have (I know some great bargain products that work just as good, if not better, than the expensive stuff!) I typically allow an hour for this type of session. 


makeup/ skincare lesson

This is really popular with ladies wanting to increase their knowledge and master techniques, or those looking to change their look but don't quite know how, what exactly they want to change to, or want some advice on what will suit them.

This sessions tends to be fully client driven - we look together at what you want to achieve, whether it's that flawless smoky eye, a striking lip application - whatever it is, I will walk you through the products and techniques you need to achieve the look you desire. We will talk about pre-application, as well as how to correctly remove your makeup and care for your skin. These sessions typically take around an hour to an hour and a half, depending on what you want to achieve.  


MAKEUP application

Do you want flawless makeup to help you look and feel amazing for a big occasion? This one is really popular with clients who are attending big events/ parties/ weddings/ proms etc and want to look their best. It also seems to be the most popular session purchased as a gift. The session typically takes a similar shape to a hair appointment: we will have a mini consultation at the start to establish precisely the look you want, we may then experiment with a couple of looks and go with what is preferred. I typically allow an hour for this type of session. A goody bag/ touch up kit containing products we have used can also be added. 



This session is really popular with Birthdays, Hen Parties and groups that want to learn more about makeup or want to make their makeup for a party or night out both flawless and more social. These sessions typically take the shape of one of the other three individual sessions, with participants choosing either to gain some experience and knowledge, or have their makeup done by a professional ready for a big occasion. The length of these sessions depends on the group size and desired outcomes. Goody bags/ touch up kits containing products we have used can also be added.